Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hope for Thailand

Okey dokey --

It is finished! At least, the print is. I haven't listed it yet, that is on my to-do list for the next three days.

This particular print is very special to me. The verse is from Hebrews, which I have been studying this fall, and the proceeds from all the sales on Etsy (excluding the shipping costs) will be going to support church-planting in Thailand. I created the print by spending several hours laying out the verse so I had the space filled in a appealing way and the words I wanted to emphasize in compositionally important places. I printed the plate using oil-based black ink, and then tinted the lettering with watercolors.

I have mentioned before that I spend a summer in Thailand with Mission to the World on a team of interns. That summer changed my life and heart in significant ways, and I have been aching over the floods that continue in Bangkok, especially as I hear brief updates from my friends over there about their work caring for flooding victims.When I say that the proceeds of this print will be going to church-planting in Thailand, I mean that I will be sending the money  to the missionaries with MTW and to New City Fellowship Church on a rotating basis. You can read more about the team here, or on the entry I posted two weeks ago.


  1. beautiful work friend, and words. Thank you for praying! Picturing you in C-down... :)

  2. Erin,
    Ran across this site on linoleum and woodblock printing from 'Lines and Colors' and thought you might be interested

    Hope your schooling is going well, look forward to seeing more of your work one day... there seems to be fewer (of these) printing sites out there.