About Me

I am Erin Kennedy of North Georgia, currently working on my masters degree in Mississippi. I was fortunate enough to grow up surrounded by the work of my artist-mother, Susan Kennedy (check her out!). Studies permitting, I love to paint, carve, print, sketch, splatter, stomp, and stumble my way towards creating beautiful things. 

My mother has said that art functions like language: sometimes it makes small-talk, sometimes it reports, sometimes it is emotional, and sometimes it is used to delve into the most important things. I am inspired by the beautiful and by the broken things in this world. Being able to create is a wonderful way to think about what is wrong with the world, and imagining the joy when the Lord sets things right. I couldn't survive without grace. I wouldn't have the gumption to write about this life of mine or my art if it weren't actually a record of God's grace to me and his promise to make all things new. 

Visit me at my Etsy store, or if you have questions about my art or a commission, email me at prayingandprinting@gmail.com. 

Thanks for stopping by!