My Art

     I enjoy a wide range of mediums - watercolor, oils, charcoal, mixed media - but most of my current projects are hand-pulled prints. The world is saturated in "prints" of original art - reproductions produced en mass. And that has a Wal-mart kind of appeal; it's cheap. Unfortunately all these reproduction and "paintings" that are actually produced in sweat shops make it difficult for artists to market, much less sell their art.
     I believe the drive to create art is essential to our humanity, and I am therefore very grateful to all my viewers and to anyone who supports the arts and the real, live artists who make them in any way. Whether you are a creative genius trying to support yourself as an artist, or a salesperson, or a banker, a stay-at-home mom (or dad), or a construction worker, I believe that art plays an essential role in all our lives.
     These ideas are behind some of the things I am planning to do in this blog. I am a whole person, so I am not going to divide my ventures up into different "branded" blogs. This is me. I am hoping, as I gain more skills as an artist, to offer advice and encouragement to anyone else who is creating things. I am also hoping that I can contribute to educating people about the wonderful craft of printmaking. Not giclees and other reproductions of originals, but hand made unique prints: etchings, relief prints, screen prints, intaglios, etc.  Above all else, I hope that everything I do and everything I make points to the fact that it is not about me, but about grace.